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Monday, January 31, 2005

Mamma's eye, Daddy's eye, Barney's eye........

Yes, honey, that's Mamma's eye, yup, that's Daddy's eye, uhuh, that's Barney's eye. indeedie, that's Zippie's eye.....

Have you guessed the new word yet? :-) The endless repetition (especially by her Dad) of "Eye, Nose, Mouth, Ear" has paid off! She confidently points at everyone's eye and declares "EYE!".
I am SO proud of her! I love the way you can almost see her little brain absorbing the information, turning it around a bit, having a good look and then just making the connection.

Her favourite book is "The Wheels on Barney's Bus" it's a "lift the flap" book that proves a never ending source of entertainment, wonder and amazement.... The fact that she's walking now has opened new avenues of making clear what she wants. She can now walk, and carry the book at the same time. And so we will often have the book heave-howed in to our laps, and two arms extended towards us. The frown and pout make it clear that swift action is expected!

The concentrated look on her face once she's in your lap is priceless! As soon as she's perched there, she will grab you hand and point your finger to the page.
Only when you are animatedly pointing at Barney and his friends and making enthusiastic exclemations about the Purple Blob, will she sit back in to you and enjoy the show!

She's the bizzo

We LIKE the Swings!

Schommelen is STOER

One more blast from the "past"

Caithlyn face

Friday, January 28, 2005


It's 21:45 hrs now and my lovely daughter is racing around the living room in her jammies...... She's getting in to all kinds of mischief and is loving every minute of it.
The last few weeks she has been very good for going to bed, but tonight it just ain't happenin'!
She's full of the gab and having her Dad and me in stitches!

Right now, she's pushing her V-Tech Stroller and carrying a bag of pj's around as if she's going shopping. The energy the child has a this time of the evening is baffling!

When I turned around earlier she was sitting in the corner, looking ever so seriously, trying to get her foot in her mouth! It was such a great sight! Not the fact that she was trying to get the foot in, but the face with it! This was her project and she was going to get stuck in to it!

Ow, she wants to type now.... yyyjuiu0--ghnfjj jkuyasawe\\\\\\\\\\4frr3rmjyyjtytyhh77rte

That concludes my daughter's contribution to today's blog, gonna have cuddles now!

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Way in the beginning


Our little girl is 13 months old. She was born 27 Dec 2003 at 12.29 hrs.
I still can not believe it sometimes - that I am lucky enough to be her Mamma!

Last night, my lift dropped me off at my boyfriend's mother's house. My Paddy and my daughter pick me up from there.
Caíthlyn was playing in the kitchen/sittingroom. I'm telling you, that smile could melt icebergs!
She took her first few steps on January 10th and the developments since then have been amazing! (Well, to the biased Mamma anyway! ;-) )

Her Nanny (grandmother) and Daddy urged her to show off her new walking skills. Arms wide, smile from ear to ear and squeals of delight!
I know I am risking severe mush-dom here but I just melted at the spot. There's nothing quite like having your daughter squeeze your head tightly in an "I Love You Mamma!" hug! Especially if she walked over to you to do it!

She is such a loving child! I feel like we are doing things right when I feel her little arms around my neck and hear her say "Awwwwww" The same way we do when we hug her. And that happens A LOT! My lips are permanently attached to the child's forehead!

The one good thing about working is the welcome you get when you come home. The walking skills increased so much in just ONE day that I think that within the next week she will be running! :-) I can't wait!

Parenthood just get's better every day!

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

BLOG Virgin

Well lookie here! Made myself a BLOG! After being introduced to the phenomenon by a close mate I thought making one for my daughter and myself would be most excellent.

I am Dutch, Himself is Irish and our honey is the most beautiful mix of the two you could ever hope to meet!

She is a little sweetheart and my family are missing SO much that I thought this would an ideal way to keep them all up to date.

As the entry states: I am a complete Virgin to the land of Blog and it will probably take forever for me to get to the stage where it will be an interesting read!

Bare with me!


Nynke de Vries