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Sunday, March 11, 2007

A pox on the pox!

Little Miss has the chickenpox. She was the very last child in her playschool to get them, and for a while there we didn’t think she would get them at all.
On Thursday however, a tiny red dot appeared on her chest and by Friday evening she was a walking “connect the dots” puzzle.

She continued to be in great form though, full of giggles, hugsies and her usual array of “Knock, Knock”-Jokes. When Saturday night hit, things changed.
The spots were absolutely everywhere, her poor skull resembled a Braille dictionary and the rest of her body was not far behind.
The poor Honey was crying in her sleep and was writhing in her bed with discomfort.

Little Miss is nothing if not an adoring Daddy’s Girl and she really wanted him to make her feel better. Daddy rushed home and she was just SO happy to see him. Daddy has the magic touch and she felt lots better already by just having him there.
She had a few fever spikes during the night but Darren stripped her and have her some Paralink to bring that down.
When I woke up this morning and peeked in to her room, they were both sound asleep. Little Miss in her bed and Darren on the floor next to her. When she woke up, she was all delighted that “Daddy had a sleepover in her room!”

I will be staying home with her Tomorrow and Tuesday, and Darren will stay home Wednesday, if needs be.

Even though it’s very hard to see her this way, I am really happy she had them now, rather than in a few years. By all accounts it gets even harder when they’re older.

Here’s to our Honey’s speedy recovery!

Not cool

Yesterday afternoon, we received an e-mail to all be present in the largest meeting room at 16:00 hrs. They were shutting down the lines to facilitate this meeting... This set off my alarmbells straight away. The lines are holy, Service Level does not get compromised unless it's something BIG.

And, it was.

We all gathered there to see the general manager walk in with a very solemn face. He proceeded to read from an earlier prepared statement.
I work for an outsourcing company and we take care of the customer service for a VERY large software company. (Yes, that one) and this company decided to pull their business and give it to another company with a larger presence globally.

This means that as per the end of June, Mieneke is out of a job.
This is two weeks before my maternity leave is to start. Going job-hunting when you are very much pregnant? Somehow I don't see myself being all that successfull. Finding a part-time job that pays as well as this one did after my maternity leave? Snowball's chance in Hell.

But, things will work out. I am certain of it. "Worst case scenario", I get to spend some extra months with my kids... There's worse things! :)

No, seriously, I know it will be tough, not in the least financially. But getting myself in a state over it wouldn't help anyone.

In the meanwhile, If you are looking for a hardworking Dutch lady, to fill a part-time position in the North County Dublin area, please feel free to leave a comment! ;)