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Wednesday, April 05, 2006



As promised, here are a few new pics! I wanted to add a video or two, too. The site is blocked from here however..... :-( I shall try again on the weekend!

Funtasia with Daddy 1

(Click HERE for picture set)

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


People who know me even a little bit, know that I read.... A LOT! My books of choice are from the Fantasy Genre but I have been known to enjoy books from genres all accross the board. And this reading thing started to dominate the house. Everywhere you look, there are books. I have had to resort to putting some of them away in a storage box because the space? She was running out!
Only one solution: Join the library! Such a brainwave!
When I joined up, I looked around and asked where the rest of the books were. The man laughed: "This is it!" The nice man assured me that should I want any books that were not on site, they could order them for me from other Libraries in Fingal. So, I have been checking out books from this quaint little Library and last week, Little Miss came with me.
She was in a foul mood to start with. Nothing was good enough and when I said we had to go to the Library to return the books Mamma borrowed all I got were screams. Parked outside the library, walked in with Little Miss and people: she was in awe! "Oooohhh, HIBRARY" She flung off her coat, raced towards the kiddie corner and proceeded to pull out books to read to herself. She will point a finger to the page and "read" along the lines: "Once upon a time....... Sheep.....Mamma.... Cloud....Daddy.... the END!!" She was having such a good time at the "hibrary" that we took some books home just for her and we will be going back this week to return them and pick out some new ones. I really hope that Little Miss will develop this interest in books further. I have read the last three Harry Potter books in the past week. (I never was that bothered about Harry Potter but when I joined the library I thought why not, and now I am hooked, I want book seven to be released yesterday!) and have had my nose in a book a lot of the time.
Caithlyn calls the written word: ABC's (or more accurately, "ABD's..... I know!)
She would crawl on to my lap and say: "Mamma read ABD's? I read for you!" Trace her fingers down the lines and make up a story! With that little face all serious and her voice making the same peeks and dips that ours do when we tell her a story...... Let's just say she's very lucky she still has those cheeks! Purely edible!
She has taken to wanting a bed-time story. We currently make them up ourselves, taking great care to incorporate the words: "Cozy Pillow", "Comfy Blanket" , "Lovely Sleep" and "Tired Eyes" and it works, kind of. But what I am really looking forward to is reading a story together in her room before bed-time. That is one of the things I have always pictured when I thought of having kids.

Oh, did I mention that I HATE DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME? No? How tardy of me. I HATE DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME!!! Or, more correctly, I hate the fact that it turned our Little Girl from an "Upstairs-and-asleep-in-twenty-minutes" - Girl to an "Upstairs-and-still-yelling-30-minutes-after"- Girl. It's unbelievable!
It's the brightness (next paycheck, we are SO buying a black-out blind") It just does not click in her head that even though the sun is still shining, bed time has arrived! She seems to have improved somewhat, but she is a far cry (no pun intended) from her wintertime self...... Fingers crossed that this too, shall pass! And in the grand scheme of things, it's not really that much of a biggie. Could be a lot worse!

Also, it was Mothers day here! I was told to stay in bed as long as I wanted and spent the morning dozing and reading Harry Potter. Then I heard my little Honey shouting from at the bottom of the stairs: "Maaaaaaaaammie!! It's your PARTY Mammie!!" and Darren and herself came in with breakfast in bed and a card and pressie for me. The card was SO sweet, Caíthlyn made a pretty drawing in it for me and "she" got me the Black Eyed Peas CD "Monkey Business" She kept telling me that it was my party, and dancing on the bed and messing with her Daddy. It was just such a lovely feeling of happiness.... Could have burst right there!

During the weekend, I was making a sandwich when Little Miss toddled in to the kitchen on her way to the sitting room. She stops at the door. Points and it, tilts her head and says: "Is THIS my Daddy?? Nooooo, that's the door!" a few steps "Is THIS my Daddy?? Nooooo, that's the chair" a few steps "Is THIS my Daddy?? Nooooo, that's the book!" Hilarious!

I have moved some pics and video's from my phone last night and will do my best to upload some to the 'Net so I can beautify this site with some more images of my Little Honey.

All the best!