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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Sing Songs

Little Miss is making such amazing progress in her development! It's like someone set her little brain in overdrive and off she went! It's like she just got "the knack" of this learning thing and decided it was fun! As I wrote before, singing has always been big in our house, we have been singing to the poor child since birth! (When I was wheeled on to the ward after giving birth to her and I had 3 Minutes where it was just her and me, I started humming Norah Jones to her. She reacted, she KNEW me people!)

At one stage in her early life, Little Miss would not settle down unless treated to endless repeats of "Op een klein stationnetje" (It's a song about a row of trains at a little train station, early in the morning....) In the bath we sing everything from "All the ducks are swimming in the water" to "The Alphabet Song"

Last week, I was in Nannie's house after work and found Nannie and Little Miss sitting next to each other. They were singing "The Wheels on the Bus" and making all the hand movements that go with it! And Little Miss was giving it socks! She was really going for it! Winging it where she couldn't sing along and belting out the bits she could: "All day LOOOOONG" I could listen to her sing "All day LOOOOONG" She will sing the Alphabet song with gusto. I'm telling you, we have a little Gwen Stefani on our hands here!

Last Sunday, we went to Nannie's house for dinner. Little Miss was pottering around with her doll while we were getting ready. All of a sudden I hear her say:"Ah, Baby, Pooh?" I look up and I see her pinching her Doll's bum and giving it a quick smell to "check the nappy"!! She was SO mirroring us! And the matter of fact expression. I could watch her play for hours and not get bored once.

Every child has their tough moments, but Caíthlyn is such a joy for the vast majority of the time that I just can't believe how lucky we are! I know that parenting is mostly gut feeling but I have always been convinces that reading up on things is never a bad thing. So, I am currently reading "Super-Nanny" by Jo Frost and "The Best Friends Guide to Toddlers" by Vicky Lovine (More for comic relief) and I can recommend both. Jo Frost has some really good, down to earth advice and I had to put Vicky Lovine's book back in my bag this morning on the bus because people started to get a little frightened by the big woman, sitting there laughing out loud all by herself. Vicky Lovine also wrote "The Best Friend's Guide to Surviving the first year of Motherhood" Some people say Books Are Bad, and you should only go on instinct and what YOU deem best. Personally, I find great solace in reading that other people are experiencing the exact same things I am/was.
Maybe that's the magic of blogging too?

Enjoy your Tuesday everyone!