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Monday, August 28, 2006

Special Day

Sunday Morning, my “lie-in” morning. Darren gets up with Little Miss and Mamma gets a few extra hours kip.
Right it the middle of the strangest dream in which my “Irish-life” and my “Dutch-life” are fused together. (My front door in Ireland, opens up onto my parents’ road…. How does my brain come up with it??) I hear “Mamma!! Mamma!! It’s your special day today!!!”. Caíthlyn is coming in to our bedroom with her toy tray full of her dolls tea-set. Right behind her is Darren, with a real breakfast on a tray for me. Tea, juice, fruits-salad (Yummy, Yummy!! Man, there’s no escape from the Wiggles) and bread.
Caíthlyn jumping up and down singing “Happy Birthday to Mammy!!” and Darren sitting with her at the end of the bed. (It was not my birthday or our anniversary or anything like that, it was just an "We love you" day.)
It was absolutely lovely.

Little Miss dragged her little duvet and her Teddys in from her room and made her own bed on top of our bed. She snuggled in to her Daddy and pretended to be asleep. With her eyes squeezed shut she looked just plain eadible!

Later she pretended to be Santo, one of my parents' dogs, playing with "Inki" (Equi, my parents' other dog). She said Pake en Beppe were throwing the ball and that she was getting it. "I miss Pake", "I miss Beppe". And she was saying that she loves them. She has really bonded with her Pake and Beppe over these last two holidays. She loves them very much and the feeling is completely mutual.
She "helped" them in the garden. Seeing her with my parents, her own little rake in hand tidying up the garden, was lovely. (Pictures on Flickr)

We are all looking forward to them coming over again to see us for a few days over christmas and her birthday.

She had a fantastic time on our holiday. We were pretty much rained out of it. But she loved it all the same. Being doted on works well for her! ;)

I had been a bit nervous about the dogs being there but it couldn't have worked out better. She was telling Santo to let the ball go in Dutch. And was telling the dogs to get out of the way when she was climbing on to the aft deck and the dogs were in the door opening. "Aan de kant Santo!". So cute!
Santo, an American Stefford Terrier, could not have been gentler. And Equi, a cocker spaniel, more or less kept out of her way. My parents had said that Santo is very gentle with kids and I was delighted to find that this is completely 100% true.

Right, sorry for the long time between posts again. I will try and better my ways!

Ow, and I have my driving test this Wednesday. I'd stay away from Finglas from about 13.10 hrs onward if I were you!