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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Finally! Another update!

Caithlyn's playschool is brilliant. They are very interactive with the kids and they focus a lot on responsibilities, as well as creativity.
One day last week, I went to pick her up from Playschool when she came running out to me. "Mamma, Mamma, I got a star on my jumper! I was a Pirate today!!" She was so proud! I shot a confused look at her teacher standing at the door who, laughing, tells me:"She was Captain of her table today!" My Honey! She was almost right! :))

They have very structured days in playschool and Little Miss really seems to be thriving on that. There's set time for "free play" for "Arts and Crafts" and they do things like being the Captain of their table for the day. (Which means you get to hand out the cups and lunch time and get the coloring pages at arts time etc. for all the kids at your table.)
They also have "Buddy Bear", a big brown, fuzzy Teddy Bear that the teacher "found outside of the school" and that the kids are collectively caring for. Each child gets a turn at taking Buddy Bear home for the night and they have to take good care of him whilst he is with them. It's amazing, the children ADORE Buddy Bear and the proud looks on the faces of the kids when they show their parents that they get to take him home for the night are priceless!
At the start of this week, the kids had to take in a recent photograph of themselves for a reward chart. If the kids deserve a star, they get to stick it on the wall, behind their photograph. I think this will be really great positive stimulation!

The one downside to playschool is that she is practically constantly sick when there's school. We had to take her to Temple Street Children's Hospital for blood tests and a chest x-ray when her cough and snotty nose just would not clear up.
Then there was the Christmas Holidays and she was fine again. Now, a week in to school, she's coughing and snotsing again....
The good news is that the blood tests came back fine, she has no allergies etc so there is nothing big to worry about. Thank Heavens!

Also, Little Miss Aunt and Uncle leave on their big adventure today! They are going to be missed in a Big Big way, but we all wish them the very best and hope they have an amazing time!