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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Love is all around

We had been telling Little Miss for a few weeks already that she was going to be sleeping a "big girl bed". Last weekend, the time had finally arrived.
On Sunday morning, while Little Miss and I watched "The Little Mermaid" on the sofa (me with the remote firmly in hand to skip the mean sea-witch scenes), Daddy was upstairs taking the bars off her cot. The cot we had, turns in to a cot-bed. It's great as she basically sleeps in the same bed thus making the transition easier.
As soon as she heard the noises from upstairs, she turned around to me on my lap. Those big huge blue eyes wide open. "Daddy take my bars off? My Big Girl Bed?" And she raced up the stairs.
The excitement on her face was priceless! She whipped off her clothes and declared it was bed time. Snuggled herself all nice and cozy under the duvet, grabbed Care Bear and said "Night Night!" The only way we could get her to come with me to Nannie's house for Sunday dinner and apple picking was by telling her that she could tell her cousins all about her new bed!

That night, Darren was out on his new motorcycle, I heard a heartbreaking cry. "Spider!! Spider!! Help me!!". I legged it up the stairs and the poor thing was sweating and sitting upright in her bed. I hugged her and asked her what was wrong and she was telling me that she had seen a spider.
I made a big show of looking for it but couldn't find anything. (Darren found a Daddy longlegs the next day).

When I held her though, I had noticed she felt rather warm. Actually, she was burning up! I took off her jammies and gave her some really cold water to drink and she settled back down. About an 1.5 hours later, she screamed again. She was crying and still very, very hot. I went to get her some Dozol and more cold water. She was talking strangely, the fever was really hitting her bad.
When Darren came home after I called him, he went straight up to her after she cried again. She was SO happy to see him. She was sick and she wanted her Daddy. They have such a special bond together, I am sure it made her feel better just by having him there with her. I figured that if this was going to be an all-nighter, we better take it in shifts. So I went to bed. A few minutes after Darren took her downstairs. He opened the sliding doors and every window in the house. When she stayed hot, he gave her ice cubes to suck on. Apparently she said "Hmmmm, delicious!" Bless her.

It was 02.00 hrs before she went back to bed. At 04.00 hrs I woke up to her screaming. She was in her bathroom with her Daddy and she was trying to have a bowel movement. She was so hot, and weak, she started retching. The look in her eyes! She stood next to the sink, her little hands clutching it. She was shaking with it. Darren told me that he was going to stay home with her the next day and for me to go back to sleep as I had no choice but to go to work as I had been out the week before.

When I woke up the next morning, I peeked in to her room. Darren was asleep on the floor next to her bed. So close, he was practically under the bed. She was in her bed, moved as far to the edge as she could get. They wanted to be as close as they could manage. Even in their sleep. Darren said he had felt her forehead every time he woke up. I just got all chocked up, seeing them asleep like that. Her, secure in the knowledge that her Daddy was there, him, wanting to keep his honey close in case she needed him. I just stood there, watching them, and wanting to crawl on to the floor next to them.

Little Miss is back at her Nannies today and is completely fever free. The antibiotics the doctor gave her, are working a treat. If all goes well, she will be running around in playschool again tomorrow. (We are giving it an extra day, just to be sure).

I could not have asked for more. My daughter has an amazing father, I have a wonderful boyfriend and we have a fantastic daughter, and together we are so lucky to be the family we are.....