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Monday, March 20, 2006

She's baaahaaaack!

Holy Cow. I know, I know. And more excuses......
Darren threw out his back and was bed-ridden for three days. Then I went to The Netherlands to see my friend who just gave birth. ( I was meant to be present at the birth, but the little man decided to arrive a few days early!) When I came back, Little Miss was sick. She turned out to have a hefty throat infection. and has had a rather rough few nights. And now I am back in the office trying to acclimatize!

Darren is fine now, but for a while there he was in a bad way with his back. The doc told him to stay in bed for at least 36 hours and so he, reluctantly, did. Little Miss was a bit confused by the fact that Daddy was home but could not play with her, lift her up or put her to bed. When we explained to her that Daddy's back was sore and that Daddy had to get better she responded by lifting Darren's shirt, saying something along the lines of "I make it better for you!" and kissing his back. Too cute. We went to get medicine for Daddy and when we came back she ran up to the front door yelling "Daddy, medcine for you!" and then looking at me asking if Daddy would be all better now?
Caíthlyn and I played nurses for three days, taking Daddy "brekfas" and keeping him company. Al the while applying liberal amounts of hugs and kisses.
I was in two minds about going to The Netherlands as Darren was not 100% better but both he and his mother insisted. Little Miss stayed with Nanny for a few days and Daddy was well enough to go back to work so off I went.

It was absolutely lovely to see my friend and her (newly expanded) family again! I have known this lady since 1996 (we think) and we are very close. Just goes to show that you do not have to live on each other's doorstep to maintain a good friendship.
Her new son, Tycho Jamie, is a little dote and he is the perfect baby. He sleeps so well and only cries when he has a dirty nappy and/or is hungry.
I could have just put him in my pocket and taken him with me. Can't wait to see them again in June, when Little Miss and I will be going over again together. You see, I am not going on Holiday again without Little Miss.
Last year, I went for a few days and Little Miss was still young enough for me to be able to do that. This time, she did miss me though. Her Nannie told me that Little Miss was just off. And when they asked her where her Mammie was, Caíthlyn said that I was lost....... How heartbreaking is that?
She was SO happy to see me when I walked in the door. "Mamma! I FOUND you!" I mean, come on..... my heart!
When I went to get my suitcase from the car for the pressies, she asked me where I was going and followed me to make sure that I would not take off again and when Darren and her had to get in to his car, and me in my own, Darren said she was upset the whole way home.

That Thursday she ran a bit of a temperature and had a runny nose and by the time Saturday came around, a nasty rash had joined the mix and Darren and I decided a trip to the Doctor was in order. The doctor saw that Little Miss had a very red throat, which would explain why she wouldn't eat in the last few days and prescribed some antibiotics. This came in the form of a yummy strawberry flavor hot-pink liquid which just makes Little Miss' day because she loves her "Medcine" (How lucky are we? We have never had a problem getting her to take her medicine)
Little Miss' mood was alternating between very "happy joy joy" (almost hyper) and "yucky - I don't know what to do with myself so I will just hate everything"
Seeing her have such a hard time with it just made my heart hurt. Especially when she declared she was "Berry, berry tired" (Very, very tired) and snuggled up on my lap to watch "Ballamory" together. Sitting there with her soother, twirling her hair in that typical Caíthlyn manner she suddenly put her arms around my neck and declared that I was the "Best Mammie" ( I call her my Best Baby, when I say she is my best Girl, she says NO! Best BABY!") and gave me a big kiss. I just chocked up......

Later on, I was zapping through the music channels, looking for something to dance/sing to with her, when I spotted the Coldplay song "Fix You"
Little Miss loves that song. I left the song on and she snuggled back in to me, humming along. Then, on the last sentence she sang the last two words clear as a bell : "Fix youououou"

I love that kid to bits.....