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Monday, October 03, 2005


I know, shocking altogether! I haven't posted in WAAAAAAY to long! And the reason is the same as before. Up to my eyeballs in work (new "improved" systems = 2x the work as before.....) and a laptop that has some kind of undetectable virus and the slowest internetconnection eva!

Also, I am taking driving lessons which is filling my time and my mind.

Little Miss has done and said so many cute things since my last post that I can't even think of them all anymore! All I can tell you that she is still heartstoppingly beautiful, smart and cute!
She will raise her arms up to you and say "Hug?" Then she will throw her arms around your neck and just squeeze for dear life.

Yesterday, she was brushing my hair and trying to put it in to a pony-tail. I was sitting on the edge of the sofa and she was standing on the cushions behind me. All of a sudden she drops the brush and throws her arms around me from behind and tries to get her head on my shoulder for a mega squeeze! I could have cried. There was just so much love there!

She is cutting her corner teeth and had a cold and still she is the best, most loving child ever. We went out for lunch yesterday and she was just SO well behaved! For at least 45 minutes she was just the best little girl. I don't believe in making kids sit still for too long though so as soon as lunch was done we went to the playground and she had a great time!

I have to love you and leave you.

All the best,