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Sunday, January 28, 2007


When we put Little Miss to bed the routine is, she get's one page of poems and 3 stories. (The stories are not that long, it's done and dusted within 15-20 minutes).
Both Darren and I really love this time with her. She's all snugly in her jammies. Freshly washed face and minty fresh teeth. Carebear tucked up next to her, legs under the Duvet and her Disney Princess Go Glow Light in her hand to "help you read".
I let her pick out the stories, making sure she knows what number the story is. "Pick out story number 1 now, Honey" and I really feel like she enjoys the fact that it's her choice. And she knows that after story 3 it's time to put the book away and go to sleep.
Obviously, the little clever clogs will still chance her arm and try to stretch her bed-time by adding a visit to the toilet but it has all been incorperated in to a pretty set and predictable bed-time.
During the week however, she declared that she wasn't tired (whilst rubbing her eyes vigourisly, ofcourse) and she gave me the big, wide eyed "Pleaeaeaeaeaease Mamma???" look. So, the Mamma folded.... I handed her her new Dora Book (Dora's Bedtime Stories) and we made a deal.
She was allowed to "read" her book but when the book was finished she had to go to sleep. Well, you have never seen a little girl more chuffed with herself.
When I went back downstairs and switched on the monitor, I could hear her read the stories. She was quoting the pages word for word. I had to restrain myself from running back up the stairs to give her a great big hug!